Saturday, May 16, 2009

And so the guinea fowl came to me in an empty 6 pack beer box when they were just 3 weeks old - they were small and brown and striped and cute and needed a heat lamp and tender love and care - they were in the barn in a cage with the heat lamp for a while and as they grew and needed more space for moving around and practicing flying etc we moved them to the second room in the chicken coop. The two hens and the rooster were a bit perturbed at first, but having a fence in between kept them apart and all seemed to be getting on famously.

About a month ago we let the hens, rooster and the guinea fowl outside for the first time this spring. They have their rounds and routines which they go through every day on their search for sustenance and that they sure seem to need a lot of. Bugs, grain, grass, anything delicious and not like the 'wholesome' pellets they had been enjoying all winter.

All goes into the chickenhouse at night when darkness falls - well, except the two which the fox got about 2 weeks ago, but it seems the other four guineas have understood the consequences of playing night owls. They are not good and so they choose to roost with their room mates, the two hens and the one rooster.

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  1. Lovely post, now we need to see pictures of your just finished tapestry here. Yay!