Saturday, May 23, 2009

Morning sounds

It is a special treat to wake up these days.
The sun shines through the curtains and cracks of same and makes inspiring patterns on the wall by our bed.
And as the eyes wake up to beauty so do the ears. The ears don't always know what it is they are hearing but - once the brain is engaged often the right answer comes along.
For instance I woke up the other morning wondering what the incessant twitter and multi-layered sound/song was which was playing on my eardrums. Engage brain and a big smile spread on my face - the barn swallows were back! We have a telephone and electrical connection line going from close to our bedroom window to the post at the road and what I was hearing was the balancing swallows in their morning praise of the new day. 'oh yeah' says hubby - 'I think they are working on a nest in the horse barn!'
Information like that puts a great big grin on my face - it is a treat and a privilege to be able to share our 'homestead' with creatures of all kinds.
Listening to the sounds right outside my living room window the other night as I was watching ...... well, probably CSI or something - felt a little creepy - what was that scratching and chewing and humming - well, I didn't think about it, for it is still May, but when my partner in crime came back from frog counting with his student and I told him to listen, he laughed and said 'June Bugs' and then the recognition was instant and the 'spooky' part evaporated at once.
Walking last night we smiled at the trills of the American toads by the neighbour's pond - this toad has the most beautiful insistent long line of trills - in the medium sound scape, not too shrill like the spring peepers (who are delightfully noisy by my friend Marilyn's house) and not like the deep drum of the bull frogs when they start their love song. American toad song is just right, right now.
These are sounds of spring and summer being right outside our doorsteps and they give me an extra little spring in my steps.
Then there are all the domesticated creatures, the alarmingly talkative guinea hens - who have opinions all day long, the rooster who has to tell people no matter what time of day that this is his territory - last night, the good old grunting Bucephalus the horse busy scratching his belly, laying down on the rest of the large hay bale, legs curled up a bit, rocking back and forth to reach that particular part of the breastbone which is not so easy to reach when you are a horse - the lambs talking to ewes - the ewes talking to me, assuring me that they have not had enough of anything yet, and could I please move their fence again, to greener pastures!
Last but not least the other neighbour finishing up mowing his lawn this morning - it is big, and we saw him driving up and down when we listened to the singing toad last night and heard him first thing at 6.05am - doing the finishing laps - it was early, but I appreciate his eagerness to finish up since today is going to be one warm, bright and intense early summer day.

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