Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to June!

Today is a marvelously windy and sunny and brisk day - brittle branches are flying off the trees and I wonder if the neighbour's chestnut tree will have any chestnuts this year, it looked to me like all the flowers were in the ditch on the other side of the road when I went for a walk with the dog just 30 mins ago.
Ah well, early summer days with windchill factors are very special and keep your nose cold although you might still be able to feel a little sun-burn at the end of the day if you are not remembering the sun screen.
Had a good weekend, somewhat productive, especially in the thoughts-department, had lots of brainstorming going on Thurs/Fri/Saturday with a fibre friend and that was delicious.
When she left my son's friends came along, granted, there were only 6 teenagers in the house on Saturday night and only for a while, but with all the foot wear we have in the entry hall already it looked like ..... well, I just love to look at those shoes and flip-flops and sneakers and skiboots (which haven't been put away yet) and it makes my face smile.

In a way the look of the hall-way could be compared to the past weekend, lots of stuff going on - but not exactly a lot to talk about ....
I heard the yellow warblers warbling along down the road on another walk, the ravens are clucking as they fly by overhead (I am hoping they have a nest in the woods again this year), the toad in the neighbour's pond is still singing long into the night - and the grass has grown at least half a foot so soon we can move the sheep fences again -
And as I am thinking and considering the happenings of the last few days there was also the book launch for my husband's latest book on Thursday - A Sound Like Water Dripping - In search of the Boreal Owl (available from Gaspereau Press, NS - )

A grand bag of mixed goodies, full and satisfying. I am looking forward to seeing what excitement will come my way this week!

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