Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glorious Cabbage!

A few years ago as I was cooking a Christmas supper - preparing pickled red cabbage which is a must with your pork roast with crispy top - I started to look more closely at the shapes and colours of the vegetables which I was cutting up.
Especially the red cabbage made me smile and bring the camera to the cutting board.
The beauty of this vegetable is almost gone by the time it has been boiled and spiced, but I took a look and enjoyed its magnificent crisp looks when it had been freshly sliced.
When I went to the Farmers' Market in Wolfville last Saturday and marveled at all the beautiful vegetables the farmers grow in this area my eyes fell upon the smaller cousin of the red cabbage.

This was a particularly beautiful cousin though which I hadn't seen before and so..... I had to bring it home.

Red/purple brusselsprouts.

The green ones are so beautiful and delicious and I was wondering what these rosy cheeked ones which shone in a colour that makes my face smile every day would taste like.

First though I had to take some more photos of the creature - and I observed it up close as best I could without bumping my nose on it!

On the very top is a beautiful crown, much resembling an ordinary red cabbage, but down along the rigid stem all the little gorgeous critters poke out their firm bodies.

In Danish the name for this kind of cabbage is Rose Cabbage - presumably because each little cabbage looks just like a rosebud - or at least that is my interpretation of the name. Rose Cabbage!

And here are all the little picked off rosebuds in a pile waiting for me to decide what to do with them next.

Interesting how the colour changes when you choose to photograph food or anything I suppose without your flash - now they are more red cabbage than purple cabbage.

Another 'experiment' was what came up before I could start the final preparation for the steamer - I cut a few buds in half lengthwise and cross wise and ....... this is what I saw
I am kind of torn as to whether I am seeing the angels of the season stretching their arms into the air or some shrimp-like creature which I cannot precisely name, intriguing it is!

And last but not least, in my wild appreciation of fresh foods of any kinds, here is a photo of a potluck dish I made for the last spinning meeting I went to. The beets are so .... inspiring, their white and red rings. Usually we only see the fully red beets but here I was very, very lucky and came home with delightful beauty for both eyes and tastebuds.

And now.... I am off to the looms, no, first the fridge I think, the danger of writing about food lurks in every delicious thought =-)

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