Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pink, blue, morning and turkey hue!

Yesterday was a very exciting day - Angelala and I worked on a fan-page for Seven, the group of seven women which we are part of and with whom we challenge our brains, perceptions, imaginations and creativity.
We have a new show going up in the Fall at the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville http://www.harvestgallery.ca/ where most of us have our art work for sale year round.
Now putting up a new show means delving into new thoughts and other ways of seeing and experiencing what we do in our every day lives.
Since early on in 2008 I have known about our future plans for this coming Sept. The Show is called Awakeings - and so my brain has been contemplating which angle I might come in from this time. Over a year ago I took this very fuzzy and not very brilliant photo one very early morning, before I got out of bed actually. I knew this would happen (what is happening in the photo)and so went to bed the previous evening prepared for the next morning's 'happening'. You see, I love morning light - and especially early in the year, when the colour is so pink it is almost unbelievable - pink, rose, blue rose (blue nose!)- whatever you choose to see or think about for me it is very cosy and comfortable.

This excitement over morning colours must have started years ago, for in one of my very early photo files I found this - a reflection of what it looks like outside when my wall is pink and blue - this is how the colour enters my room -

When one allowes these impressions to linger for long enough one cannot avoid feeling inspiration - in texture, colour, shape - we shall see what happens.
On the funnier side as I was clicking through to look for pink, this is what I came upon.

Turkeys! Many years ago I came home with 6 turkey babies, popped them under a broody hen who thought she had gone to heaven and gotten all her wishes granted - hm - until they were so big they all towered over her.
The colour display on these birds though can be quite spectacular, did I ever have fun photographing these guys as they were getting all 'pumped' up for their morning show (does everything exciting happen in the morning??)

Their colours take me right back to the pinks and blues of my early morning, all things are connected, morning light and happy turkeys.