Monday, March 22, 2010

Third part of the Viking Weaving Saga

So the decision was made and I separated the tog (hair) from the thel (undercoat) by gently pulling it apart to spin the two fibres separately .

Clean tog in a tangle - after a bath                                             

                                                    Unwashed delicious soft and greasy thel

The tog was greasy and sticky with lanolin and it needed to be spun fairly thin, thus I chose to gently wash it in a bit of dish detergent to get the worst of the lanolin out. It was soaked in warm water, rinsed very gently in water the same temperature and then I put it in a pillow cover and gave it a quick spin in the washer - no tumbling, only spinning to get the excess water out.
The rest of the drying happened in a net hanging above the wood stove for expedient evaporation. I was starting to get impatient.

Since I had chosen not to use these to get the wool straightened out with these guys

These are my combs, 12 cm long very sharp tines - original viking combs only had one row of tines.

I approached the drum carder instead

Tog on the way into the drum carder                                              

And tog getting lifted off the drumcarder

I cranked the handle round and round to achieve the desired fibre state before starting to spin the warp.

Bat of tog taken of the drum carder, light, fluffy, all most every 'hair' in order and ready to spin!

Next time: Choice of spinning method.

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