Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lambing 2010

Ok, so I didn't stay focused on the Vikings these last couple of weeks or tapestry weaving either.
I was back and forth to the barn, watching the flock grow. Waiting nervously, lending a helping hand with paper towel when needed. So now...... there are only two more ewes to go and .... perhaps one will pop today =-)

                                                  Dotty, the first ewe to lamb this year, almost 3 weeks ago now

                                                 Harriett's two ram lambs, born the day after Dotty's ewe!

                                                       Harriett-II and her first lamb, a strong little ewe.

                 Annie-3, and her two boys, one had an inverted eyelid, so he was painted purple to get him cleaned up!

 Dotty-3, another first time mom, this ram lamb arrived yesterday morning, in the pasture. She was working hard, and we did lend a hand, and then got the two safely to the lambing pen in the barn, where they got acquainted and are happy as anything, later today I will let them out with the others.

Those lambs  and their dedicated moms are fun, busy, bouncy and healthy. I am thankful!
Off to the barn!


  1. Hey Pia. Don't know anything about spinning and weaving and all that, but the sheep are just beautiful and the lambs adoring. We'll come over one Spring during the next decade.

  2. And I cannot wait to see you then, it was wonderful to have breakfast with you this morning!