Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sod Texture, inspiration and potential!

Pile of sod 'bricks' or is it 'slabs', I don't know, just outside the home stead at L'Anse aux Meadows - as far as I remember they used about 6000 pieces of sod to build a  sod house. These were leftovers from the renovations which had been undertaken on the longhouse over the last little while.
A piece of wall showing some newer and some older parts of a sod wall -
The walls sink about 1 inch a year so the door frames and doors have to be changed and refitted, or .....perhaps they add more sod around them on a regular basis - am not into the real exact science of how to build with sod =-)

On the original sod house there was no covers on the skylights during the renovations this had been added and it makes a lot of sense. The original skylights can be seen in this promotional film found on YouTube.

Pegs holding the sod in place at the top of the wall, just as it starts reaching upwards into the roof.
And a whole new piece of wall, the shape and structure of each piece of sod is still very sharp and fresh.
As a person easily excited by textures, well, my eyes and my fingertips were feasting for a long time at this site.
And an older building, perhaps one of the buildings which were first built when the Parks Canada site opened. The original buildings are long gone, what we see looking over the landscape is low narrow mounds lined up, the last outline of the walls where the buildings once stood.

And here is the last piece of sod, hopefully it can excite and intrigue you as much as is did and does intrigue me - L'Anse aux Meadows is a magnificent place to visit, not just because of the viking site but the whole drive up from Deer Lake, along the coast of the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland is  something I have never seen or experienced before.
The mountains, the table lands, the feeling of the caribou living and giving birth up there, just as we were going through, the many white spots of snow still lingering far into the summer, the moose on the road, at the side of the road, on their knees, bending, looking, contemplating why we would want to be moving so fast.

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