Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Green tapestry

And this then is another experiment from the Ipad. Once again I have to say that is it quite a blessing that all my weaving is done and ready to pack in the crate, the first step of the shipping takes place on Friday when the shipping company pics up the 2.3 cubic meter crate full of our (SEVEN) work. tomorrow at noon we will get together and fill up the crate and seal it.

For now though I will talk about the green tapestry which was the first one of the two I wove for the exhibits in Copenhagen, Hoersholm and Kerteminde 2010.

- first I studied the walls around my property - this is the east side of the barn wall, covered in tar shingles, some of them starting to disintegrate a bit and thus letting the old wood planks have the opportunity for peaking out.

Then I wove a small sample sample piece which helped me better decide the colour choices I needed to make.

Next there was the yarn choices to use for the 'real' thing and the cartoon to enlarge, since the angles and shapes on this perticular piece were not as 'relaxed' as for other pieces I had made.

The weaving could begin and off I went filling up the empty warp threads
This was an exciting piece since I had decided that I wanted the lower corners to be 'cut off' rather than square. The corners which I knew would dissappear were filled in with a hard stiff brown wool, which could easily be removed when the piece came off the loom and the edges were ready for braiding and tucking under.

The green piece moved along nicely. What was especially intersting for me was, that I am not really all that fond of the colour green and thus I needed extra contemplation time every now and again to make sure that this was really the way it needed to go.

Tucking under and braiding loose linen warp ends in order to create a nice and even finished edge at the top and the bottom of the piece. Weaving takes time, patience is a must :-)

The finished piece, Green Wall, 74cm x 95cm - not exactly giant, but definately large enough to have taken quite a long time to get it done with all the little steps which one has to dance in order to make it all into a whole.

And this ... Is it for now, now where is the post button?????

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  1. I still see a ninja and a reptile. But I suppose that is the purpose of art - seeing different things in different pieces of art.

  2. Yes my friend it is, different eyes see different things, and ...... This is ... Just what it is ...... In anybody's eyes!