Friday, August 27, 2010

The beauty and strength of a rowing practise in Randers Harbour.

Let's start out with a photo of the opposing team .... This for practical reasons since I had no intension or willingness to be the last one aboard our boat, risking a jump from the wharf to a boat leaving without me! So I took a photo of the easier option, the other team already on their way out.

Then I secured my butt in my designated spot at the bow of the boat watching everyone get the vessel ready for takeoff.

There were ten rowing strong ladies in front of me, rather eleven, since AneMarie was the coxwing(???) and not at an oar.

I had wondered how she could possibly stay warm, since I knew that I was wearing her long johns. After a while I realized that keeping the beat for the rowers and using your voice and mental power is quite adequate to keep the inner furnace warm and glowing.

....................................Beauty close by! ......................

Strong backs and continuous strain and motion for a while while the length of the track is being tried out and the athletic effort of the ladies is being tested.

.................................Art in the harbour.................

The little lady with her umbrella waiting for the fountain to start showering her with water again.

And arriving back to the wharf as the sun was going down and the moon was rising behind us, a lovely evening indeed!

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