Thursday, August 26, 2010

Egtvedpigens reproduced clothing at Lejre Forsoegscenter.

And then I travelled back in time with my nieces and one of the wonderful nephews.
We had a few hours to spare before going to lunch at my brother's house and since he and his family live not too far from Lejre where one of my favorite open air museums are situated the four of us went there for a few hours of fresh air and exploration.

We enjoyed a cygnet and his/her mom preening themselves by a little pond on the way to the ........ Textile house, yes, I was in heaven, I knew there was a house where looms and fibres were to be found and ideas around all of this is always welcomed and talks can go deep and long on this very enticing subject.

.........................Reproduction of Egtvedpigens clothing ...
She lived approx. 3.500 years ago. And her grave was found 1921 by a farmer in Egtved, Denmark. Using the tree rings, her oak coffin was dated back to the summer of appr.1370 BC.

Her top is woven from fairly heavy spun singles woven into cloth and then sewn into clothing. The edge of the top is strengthened with a neat row of stitches. Her skirt were twisted wool 'fringes' attached to a tablet woven ribbon - I do believe I have to look closer at this next time I go in to talk to the ladies.

A much finer piece of fabric sewn into another piece of clothing, delicious to touch, strenuous to contentemplate just how many ends per inch they often used, in spite of their primitive spindles and rough looms. I think this piece was perhaps somewhere around 20-30 ends, it was nice and fine and had beautiful drape.

Loom weights made and used for an experiment on the upright loom which was traditionally used by the old norse/icelanders and the vikings. I was given a loom of that kind 10 years ago when I turned forty and have never taken the time to explore this piece of equipment, however, perhaps I will feel inspired one of these days since the woman I spoke to at the textile house absolutely loves to weave on this loom and praised it highly. Now that I am calmer and more 'mature' perhaps my patience will have grown to a point where I can also embrace this experience without hesitation.
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  1. This looks like an amazing place. I love the textiles you photographed. Thanks Pia.