Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How things develop and get our creative juices flowing

Marilyn and Pam had talks about crocheting and interesting vocabulary. Pam had found a new word on the internet which precisely covers what she does when she free form crochets - it is called scrumbeling and we have been using that word for quite a few days now.

In the view of the excitement of the scrumbeling word and the fact that we are all used to using our hands creatively, the fact that Pam had brought a bunch of crochet needles and the fact that Marilyn found a yarn store where she got herself and us some interesting yarn, well, a new exchange project came to life.

We asked anyone visiting us if they would care to crochet a bit on a scrumbeling piece which Marilyn and Pam started out. We had experienced crocheters who sat down and worked away with swiftness of hand and needle, shaping and twirling along.

We had some less experienced fibre enthusiasts who still took to the challenge and kept their tongues straight in their mouths and managed to crochet a nice piece on the now very communal scrumbeling piece which grew by bits and pieces, changing colour whenever a new set of hands picked it up

The hope is that when we exhibit in VaerkstedsGalleriet in Kerteminde next month, we can leave the piece in a basket and any person coming into the gallery will fell inspired and invited to pick up the needle and choose their yarn to crochet for a while.

Whether it will end up as a cape or a cloak remains to be seen, especially since we are hoping to have the same piece going in April 2011, when we do the exhibit showcasing our works at the Craig Gallery in Dartmouth, NS, inspired by the trip which we are right in the middle of experiencing this very moment in time.

And finally the grand finale which we didn't share with you the other day when the piece about the opening was posted. We were given a bottle of champagne and after everyone had left ........ Well we opened up the bottle and ......

It kind of exploded in our faces under much laughter and hooting. Next activity on the list was to clean up the floor and then we toasted and relaxed into the joyful feeling of an opening well attended and full of positive energy.

The days keep rolling by with many new experiences, tomorrow we are heading out on yet another expedition, this time to ... A different part of the country!

Cheers, Pia

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