Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snails, slugs, a different kind of beauty

When we were in Hoersholm at Elin Friis' homestudio on Saturday, August 14, 2010 we were really rather fortunate in many, many ways.
We got there and the weather was still dry, we go set up in a very focused short amount of time, we did have a few visitors and ...... For it was very inspiring that this place is actually situated right one the edge of an area of protected forest, Tokkekoeb Hegn.

There were well groomed pathways both for pedestrians, non motorized bikes and horses. The area covers 631 hectares and is magnificently green and luscious.

There are benches and pieceful spots to take a break from a meandering walk or a brisk trot. Lots of wildlife too.

Slugs from my childhood memories, large red and black ones, about two pinkies wide and 3-4 inches long as they were meandering along the path and much shorter when they were protecting themselves or resting somewhere safe

I am quite infatuated with the texture of these beautiful creatures. One of these days I will figure out why it is that they have sort of a saddle around the front part of their bodies and are so different along the back part, flexibility perhaps.

That is surely the case about their 'edges' which help propel them along in their search for mates, food and protection.

One of the black ones, making some kids think they are made from licorise - like my husband's brother who ate one when he was 4 or so and didn't feel too good for the rest of that day.

And last but not least we met this very busy little dung beetle who was working on his pantry project both on our way in when we passed him the first time and on our way back whe he seemed to be at a slight standstill.
As I am looking at these closeups of some of the creatures we share the surface of this planet with I also end up rejoicing at the gravel which inadvertantly show up in photos taken close to the ground, texture close to my heart!

.........................Beach rock and sand from another fresh walk. ............ Pia

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  1. DANMARK .. ramt på kornet ;-)
    KH Tove

  2. Beautiful place! Pia, the "saddle" on the slug is its mantle. In snails, the mantle is beneath the shell (and indeed, its function is to produce the shell), but slugs do not have shells, so the mantle is visible. In at least some slugs (I'm a crazy bug lady, not a slug lady, so I don't know about all of them), there is a vestigial shell under the mantle...looks much like a little sliver of fingernail.