Friday, August 27, 2010

A surprise excursion through unexpected Manufactured Landscapes!

Although I am boarding Sorlandet in Bremerhaven in a few days with my husband to sail to Kristiansand in Norway I have to say that I am a weaver and shepardess more, much more than a sailoress!
However when we arrived to visit family in Randers two days ago and our host AneMarie invited me to join her for a couple of hours of wind and fresh air I decided to accept and have a go at my waterlegs.

She was heading out to practise with her rowing crew in Randers Harbour, they have a friendly neighbourhood competition which they are planning to win tomorrow afternoon.
I borrowed long johns and found my warm hat in the suitcase, a sweater and a windbreaker, I was you see not manning an oar, only using the strength of one finger on my right hand to press the button on the camera.

Unexpectedly I entered into my own little part of equally horrendous and somehow still amazingly beautiful human made landscapes.

My eyes and my brain relaxed into complete observation mode after the first chock and recognition. What we were moving through was also a manufactured human landscape like the one I had watched in the two hour movie Manufactured Landscapes directed by Jennifer Baichwal.

It is not that I don't know about these things, it is just ....... I hadn't counted on the juxtaposed experiences of a pleasant evening sail (expecting green lush natural beauty) and discovering that a harbour is not only a natural entry into a lively trading community it is also a busily working commercial part of said community.

And one can choose to put on the glasses which fits one's personality, humour or political views.

When we got back to the dock I was as blue and as cold as I haven't been in quite a while, but also an amazing experience richer and full of new/other thoughts, kind of taken a bit out of my comfortable everyday life.


Till next time, Pia

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