Friday, September 3, 2010


Interactions abound, there are so many opportunities for ... Fast Food and Fresh Water!

A grey crow on a bathing warf on the way to Kerteminde. He/she liked rye bread a lot!

Hungry Gulls in Kerteminde, when we were there to look at the gallery we will be exhibiting at in a little more than a week.

Young gull relaxing in a fountain in Kristiansand, a good place for a freshwater drink after having travelled the salty ocean for a while.

A strandskade (Danish), Tjeld (Norwegian) and ... I don't know what in English, however he and his buddy/wife sure enjoyed and got themselves a few nice worm-snacks in this little sandy area right next to the old fortress by the bay in Kristiansand.

Around the next corner was a beautiful fountain and once again someone was taking full advantage of the fresh water opportunities, and right on top of the fountain too.

All ocean birds, well except the thirsty pigeon, happy to keep their thirst down with fresh water and also I am sure, even for the ones who are not on top of the table, keeping an eye on any other available piece of nutrition in their vicinity.
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