Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Combination: solar panels and old bathtubs = hot tub

Every now and again new possibilities arise out of a renovation which has made a person really tired. Like for instance renovating an old farm house which hasn't been look after terribly carefully for many, many years. Well, sort of not since the last millennium.

Then it is time to take the old bathtub out to fix the bathroom with two new shower heads instead of one, two sinks, nice big mirror and at the same time be aware of one's impact on the environment and one's general energy consumption.

This is when one chooses to set up solar panels which will take care both of heating the water for the double headed shower and for the new system with heat in the floors.

This is done with an insulated 1500 liter water tank in the garage which is heated up to 70 degree Celsius and meanders in pipes under all the new cement floors, keeping all toes toasty and safe from frost bite. In the middle of the tank is a smaller tank which provides the hot water for the faucets in the house.

And the old bath tub, well, it got sort of a face lift, it has a little patio around it now and it has a much better view, over the fields into the sunset. When the two people who worked so hard at the renovations need a break they take the garden hose, attach it to the solar heated tank, fill up the tub, meander across the lawn and sit in the heat of the sun, morning or evening and enjoy life.

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  1. Yep it is, it is all in how we see things and turn them around in our heads now, isn't it? :-)