Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day at the cottage!

-The cottage, normally about a 5 km walk in from the nearest parking lot, but I was in luck, we had been granted municipal drive-in permission since we had lots of winter supplies like propane and other fuels to carry, oh, and three batteries for the solar panels :-)

Patterns carved and painted were everey where, above is the pattern carved on the shutters.

Looking at the shapes of the door makes me delighted, the 'twill' in the way the wood has been used and then the twisted wrung door handle tickles me pink for some reason, both the looks and the feel of it.

A dinningroom chair moved outside for comfort whilst eating our morning snacks, rye bread with myseost, yes, please!

And a real Norwegian troll named Bente, we were trying to figure out what was preventing the majority of the smoke from the woodstove from exiting via the chimney, it made it hard to breathe in all the rooms in the whole cottage. I think the decision has been made to bring up a chimney expert and a wood stove person to look at this interesting challenge before winter sets in.

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