Sunday, September 5, 2010

First full day in Bremerhaven, Germany

When I woke up the first morning in Bremerhaven the weather was alternating between pouring down in thick ropes and the sun shining through making the world glitter.

I especially loved it when I looked out the window to gage the depth of the puddles only to discover a most beautiful rainbow, a full one at that, going from approximately where I knew Sorlandet was moored to down and behind a building about a block from my hotel room.
It made me fill up with good wishes and energy for the upcoming travels around the world, well, around Europe, down to Moroco, Senegal and finally to Trinidad & Tobago, upon which Sorlandet, a Norwegian school boat is going to embark on Sept. 12, carrying along with her my husband, several other teachers and 55 eager students ranging in age from grade 11 to first year university students.

And here I am at the bow of the good ship Sorlandet.
She is quietly waiting for the next bunch of trainees to board for the trip from Bremerhaven to Kristiansand. People fulfill their dreams by purchasing tickets for a crossing with Sorlandet, where they take part in sailing the boat, and in the different workshifts found on a vessel like this. The youth coming on the long sail through Europe will not join the ship until sometime next week in Kristiansand.

And the intrepid traveler going for his life's journey at the other end of the boat - prow??? How come weaving terms are right there at the tip of my tongue when I ought to have stored some sailor language by now?

Perhaps weaving and fibrearts are afterall closer to my heart than sailing. This is one of the first sights behind the wheel which really excited me, ropes for anchors and tie-ups and what do I know, but I did get it immidiately that they were placed in this particular order for important reasons and the way they looked here the crew possibly repeat every time these ropes have been unwound, when they are resting they need to rest like this.

And here is Bremerhaven Harbour on that same day, full of ships, masts, ropes, shifting and turning, even though it felt like an impossibility to me that this could occur. Turning and moving one of these majestic vessels I mean.

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  1. Søren looks every inch the sailor already. What a fabulous adventure for him! And you? Will you be lonely? You'll find lots of things to keep you happy, I'm sure.

    I've been to Bremerhaven, but didn't see so many tall ships. Is it a festival?

  2. Hm I thought I psted a reply early this morning, obviously too early :-) since it didn't work.
    But we were there during Sail 2010, I think Sorlandet had just been part of a race and was there because of that and the we were lucky enough to have to board the fulrigger there. So many people all over, no matter where you turned!