Sunday, September 12, 2010

Folkemuseet Looking at clothing traditions and styles

A linnen shirt, an important piece of clothing to wear during your marriage ceremony, for either bride or groom or to be laid out in for your funeral wake. A long lasting strong piece of clothing. Embroidered and decorated for the celebratory occations in ones life.

Handwovens and jewelry of the finest kind covering everyone at important occations. To this day the different bunads, costumes specific to different areas in Norway are still being hand sewn with care and worn for special family occations or for celebrating May 17th, Norway's National Day.

Big and small every one gets dressed up.

Naalebinding, the precurser to knitting, how to most effectively cover yourself in wool so you can stay warm and comfortable during a long cold winter.

Embrodery finery, a short shirt top, must admit I forgot to take not of its origins, so many things I do not know about this subject, but fortunately it doesn't hinder me from relishing the patience and the craft of the traditions displayed here.

Woolen jacket, care taken to follow the latest fasions, especially the Renaissance left many traces in Norwegian costumes.

Getting ready for a big occation, the groom is waiting outside and the bride must be suitably decorated.

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  1. What a beautiful display of textiles.

  2. Yes, it is very inspirational to be able to take meander through such beauty, makes me want to strive for better mastering and precision in what I do, not an easy task, but....... One can always hope and work on it :-)