Sunday, September 12, 2010


Revisiting another favorite place of mine, for inspiration and peace. I love the textures and colours of the walls that I see in this place, always have enjoyed them tremendously for the precision and the style of it all. Be it a brick or a wooden building.

One of the typical buildings previously found in the country side.

And another one. The way the builders have played with the shapes and angles of the wood in different places of the building makes for a pleasant place to rest ones eyes and celebrate, colour, texture, beauty.

A window, not able to refuse myself the exciting textures and craftmanship of putting it all together, now I can look at the photo whenever I want and perhaps plan for an interesting future project.

The inside of a dwelling, from about 1650, the evidence of life moving along, the cradle swinging from the ceiling and ..... A manglebraet on the table bearing witness to the care which was taken to keep the textiles (especially the linens) smooth and shiny, one must look well groomed when going out in one's finery.

More of a closeup of the wooden mangle, the horse is the handle and the kerchief or table runner is wrapped tightly around the wooden roling pin and then after many rolls back and forth the cloth should be smooth and shiny

It seems that there is always evidence of textiles every where we look in the past - even if it is not a subject most people are excited to talk about, yet, we all want to wear clothes, now what is up with that?

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  1. Oooh almost too much to take in visually - lovely photos. Thanks for the info re: the mangle I'd always wondered how they worked. (Yep, I'll be trying it at home :-)) Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Lana

  2. I love texture too, thank you for posting such beautiful examples. ~Elly

  3. It just fills up my brain and has to come out, come what may!