Friday, September 17, 2010

Foods, and their many different faces

Picking grapes, deliciously sweet little grapes. This was at my friend's in Nothern Jutland just before I left her and her family again after two lovely talkative days. I have seen many, many small greenhouses like this one on my travels around Denmark and also in Norway.

Lunch plates at some highway stop somewhere along the way in Denmark.

In Oslo at Bogstadgaard, morning snack, deliciouly light and fluffy waffle with Romme, a Norwegian soured milk product, I could swim in it, any time!

Carrot cake with cappuchino at the same place!

Food to be put away on Sorlandet, before the boat ever left Bremerhaven in Germany.

And fall feast for hornets, nothing like a juicy soft ripe pear to share!

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