Thursday, September 2, 2010

Initial travels to get to Sorlandet

Koebenhavns Hovedbanegaard, heading out to Randers and visiting family!

We left early in the morning on the train from Randers and after only one hour aboard it was time to change in Horsens.

We only had a wait of about 35 mins or so, just enough for a necessary run to you know where and then a few nature observations.

A Danish Solsort/blackbird, resembling closely the north american robin, only its European cousin has a song with more notes in it, thus when I first came to Canada I often wanted to whistle a continuation to the song of the Robin in my back yard. After more than 20 years I seem to have gotten used to it, but..... I do rejoice in the sound of the solsort while here in Europe.

Hamburg Hauptbahnhoff - just past lunch another half hour or so of waiting for the next train to take us to Bremen from where we jumped on a regional train which took us all the way to Bremerhaven, all in all travel time for that day amounted to about 8 hours, and it was pleasant and interesting all along, travelling by train truly is my most favorite mode of transportation.

And when I reached my room at HavenHostel in Bremerhaven (where by the way the main colour of my room was RED how lucky can one get!) some of the crews from the tall ship fleet were doing a loud envigorating walk about, right outside my windows!

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