Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kristiansand, Norway

Walkabout in Kristiansand after the fabulously exciting and challenging sail (remember I am a weaver!) finding my land legs again.
Lots of statues of people of great importance and influence for this beautiful place.

Above: Haakan VII, his motto was Everything for Norway.

Above Christian IV founded Kristiansand in 1641

This thoughtful woman had a beautiful park by the water dedicated to her.

Camilla Collett, nee Wergeland, in Kristiansand 1813, died 1895, author and pioneer for women's rights.

Created in 1967 by Arne Vigeland, Norwegian titel 'Lek' -
English translation 'Play'

And someone sitting close to the boy playing on the bear, she on the other hand seems to have had more than enough play for the moment and has sorrowfully inverted into herself.

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