Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch with a View

After our hours at the cottage carrying in a little of the supplies and struggling with the wood stove for a while we decided to call it a day and went to a place up high, Frogner Saetern and got our ourselves some eyecandy from the view and some food and a good cup of tea from the little cafeteria.

We are 435 meters above sea level

And quite enjoying the experience and the day.

Shapes and textures gallore, I am in love with all the pungent red houses

And a shot from above of the large historical farm Bogstadgaard, where once upon a time the kids and I watched Norwegian Spelsau be sheared and this time when I walked there I got to scratch the backs of two sheep (spelsau, a perticular kind of sheep developed for growing the best tapestry yarn possible) who were willing and patient enough to endure some gentle time with a person in sheep withdrawal, I guess I am missing my wooly ones at home
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  1. Just did some catching up on reading your posts and what a adventure I feel inspired . I am glad you toke a good camera, I love all the pics .See you latter in the fall.

  2. Appreciate your posts & pictures, but truly miss you. Looking forward to hearing more of the stories later this autumn we I can see you in person!