Friday, September 10, 2010

National museet viking exhibit

The importance of textiles through time makes my heart beat faster.
I realized going through Nationalmuseet in Oslo this time that in every find of viking items they have founds lots of weapons and signs of how powerful and fierce the vikings were.
What they forget to mention as loudly is how many spindle whorls and other textile related pieces have also been found, many, many, many, I rejoyce!

Miniatures showing some other parts of daily living. Textile preparation and leather work.

Spindle whorls and a warping paddle!

Start them early so they can get dressed :-)

Tablet weaving and sewing the woven pieces into clothing

Shoes, belts and buckles!

Sheep shearing and the many different sizes of scissors which were actually produced for different purposes.

Carding, and an ancient pair of viking combes, guess it was easier to set the display up with carders, although then old artifact is actually the combe :-)

Ironing board, smooth stone to flatten seams and straighten cloth. The forerunner to the much used cold mangle for preparing linnens to perfect smoothness and flatness.

I love the upright loom in the bottom right corner, feel inspiration coming on!

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