Thursday, September 9, 2010


The two stubborn and very patient ones who uncovered the viking site in L'Anse aux Meadows in the early 1960's. When I went there in May this year, I got to speak to the grand daughter of the man who showed the Ingstads where they might be able to do some successful digging.

And the front part of Oseberg Skibet, the royal ship found in Norway with treasures galore,a good part of them textile related. How much fun would that have been to discover!

Closeup of the front end, I love the carvings, they are so precise and sharp and plain old beautiful.

Part of the treasures of this ship - cards from tablet weaving some of the warp still intackt

Balls of yarn and bowls for holding yarn balls when doing naalebinding or plying, pieces of bark weaving, possibly from wrapping mats

A beautiful niddy noddy, a few spindle whorls, and looking at this makes me very very excited. Artifacts over a thousand years old and still...... We use these methods of creation.

The boat from a different angle. It is large and beautiful and impressive and very refined and well built. Knowledge of solid craftmanship is very visible.

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  1. wow. how lovely - and the carvings are incredible! reminds me of the work we saw in Iceland. Great skill and pride with creativity and courage. A powerful mix.

  2. Yes, i feel inspired everytime I get to put my eyes on sights like this, it is a privilege.