Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pit stop in Sweden and bus travels

I left Norway on a beautiful sunny afternoon after a walk through a well known park with good friends. Had decided to travel back to Denmark via bus, not by air or boat.
I had booked my ticket in advance and got dropped off at the bus station in good time before bus departure. It was a fun easy ride, with many washroom and smoking breaks along the way.
This was the fourth or fifth stop, I hadn't needed to get up yet, but now it was time. It was a great stop to have chosen for ....

This is what I saw when instead of a smoke I took a small walk around on the paths laid out around the playground. A beautiful bird bath, I think in some kind of stone, I was so surprised and delighted to find this beauty out here at a rest stop along the highway that I didn't even touch it!

There were no birds im the bath, but plenty of sound and chipper to be heard from the surounding woodland.
By now I did have to visit this house

And once again I had to readjust some of my expectations. Oh, I thought as I stepped inside, I hadn't realized this was actually an outhouse .... Who digs the new holes when it is needed?
But couldn't really spend much more thought on that idea, since I needed to go and thus as I sat down and raised my eyes this is what I read

This was a composting toilet and the note reminded people to not dump unsuitables into then toilet since, the urine/liquids and solids were all being used for fertilizer and redistributed to Mother Nature, well, you have to excuse me but in my humble opinion that is completely brilliant since making a septic system in a rocky area way out in the boonies is just not really financially wise.
By the way when we drove out of this spot I noticed a beautiful large egg of the same material as the birdbath situated in front of a bench and there were other paths leading to what I assume now could very well have been other points of artistic beauty.
Next a little fat pony and a strong workhorse in a field rolled by and a second later the butt and back of a horse and rider far down a little country road meandered along.
Paying attention again, suddenly, the tv screen above the driver was turned on and I hear some talk in a for me incomprehensible language. It is an american movie with I think Bruce Willis and some person on a tape is doing the translations/voice over as the movie goes along, in what I think is Polish.
There are many seasonal Polish workers in Norway (and Denmark and probably Sweden too) and some of them are on the bus with me back to Copenhagen.
A surreal experience since right then I was writing the initial part of the sailing blogs, on a bus from Oslo to Copenhagen and we are on the highway in Sweden. Well, I am just saying this truly is international travels and I am loving it, even the parts I don't get at all due to language limitations on my part.
Safely in Copenhagen I got my suitcase from the storage room, realized that the rest of the group were all continuing on the bus, (the trip had been a little more than 9 hours by now) - I on the other knew that my bed was near, I sped up my steps and pulled at the rolling little suitcase and caught the #1A bus which it spite of it being almost midnight took me to my sister's abode with no hickups in very little time.
I love public transportations sytems!

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