Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sheep and their brilliance

On the walk over the heather covered hills and into the beech woods many sheep were resting peacefully.

The fall was beginning to show its colours - in places the ferns had turned colours, there hadn't really been a proper frost yet but I suppose a very cool night is enough to remove all green from these delicate plants' 'cheeks'.

The sheep went on rounds, knowing exactly where the apple trees were. As a matter of fact we went over to pick an apple from a wild apple tree and when we turned away from the tree two ewes came up to us to see if we would care to share. I had not noticed the ewes anywhere near the tree when we walked over to it, but I imagine they had been hiding with spy-glasses in front of their eyes, making sure they wouldn't miss out on an applelicious opportunity.

Resting with pals in the shade.

All by her lonesome but perfectly happy!

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