Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring water, fresh and delicious year round

Sometimes going for a walk with an old friend is the best way to catch up and feel the good connections.

Visiting on the organic farm also meant going for walks through ancient places, close to Rebild Bakker.

This is a spring with water cool and clean running year round. Always at around 8 degrees celcius, leaving green plants in the snow and gentle mists over the landscape on especially cold winters days.
We brought cups to quench our thirst, it was lovely and fresh, and we both filled the cup again, to carry a little along with us when we started up the hill into the beech wood beside the spring.

We climbed up for a while, and all was green and yet the ground was covered with browned up whithered leaves crunching under our feet.

The colours and the shapes of the trees brought peace to my heart and head, all I had to do was breathe in the beauty.

May I add that breathing in the beauty was not exactly difficult either since our path went up quite steeply and I had to take breaks, both in walking and talking in order to focus on my breathing :-) We did sit on a log for a while enjoying the fungus growing and the rustling of leaves, and eventually we moved on again.

Heather with shiny cobwebs in morning light.

And winged creatures resting in the heather soaking up the warmth coming from the sun, no longer as intensely hot as earlier on in the year.

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