Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Walk to Moens Klint

To the south of the island of Sjaelland in Denmark is another small and very beautiful island. This island is called Moen.
It is well known especially for it's beautiful rocky beaches and magnificent fossil finds.

We were a little bit strapped for time on this day, knowing that we had to endure the hardships of eating at a local fish restaurant in the evening. Thus we didn't walk on the beach but chose to walk along one of the paths on the top side of the cliffs.

It is far far down and very very beautiful. The above photo makes me think about how to combine light and shadow in a tapestry, I guess tapestry weaving takes up a lot of space in my head these days

Showing signs of an up-coming landslide, see the little horizontal cracks in the surface of the point.

In 2007 an enormous landslide took place here at Moen's Klint, if one follows the white shape into the ocean this is the contour of the length and width of the slide.

A lot of the slide residue has now been washed into the ocean and new little path ways have been formed by humans and animals living in this area. Plants have started growing and life moves on as normal.

Close-up of a large beech tree which slid along with the rest of it's surroundings back in 2007! It rests and crumbles peacefully on the beach. This is a closeups of the tree which can be seen on the left hand side of the little jutt out on the photo showing the width and the length of the slide above.

And finally, a few fossils, in the graveled yard of the house with the magnificent hot-tub, textures were every where to be seen. It was thrilling!

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  1. Pia...love the pictures... How is Soren doing?
    Sharon & Richard