Thursday, October 7, 2010

New roof!

Walking home I had to stop for a moment to check this out - what were they doing over there on the other side of the street.

Upon closer examination I realized they were readying themselves for the final effort of putting a new tile roof on the building.

Very systematic approach, perhaps I need to go back that way today in the sunshine and see how far they got since yesterday afternoon.

Even closer up, wonder if there is a tapestry in there somewhere!

And I did go back and ... They hadn't started laying it yet, so instead here is an older very beautiful roof.

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  1. Very, very cool Pia! When you come home you will have to explain just how the process works.

  2. Oh Nancy, I don't know, I never saw them finish up, but I can see how having it all handy is very time efficient. And I love the pattern the whole thing has.