Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal Amazing Race

I am off on another adventure in a few days. An adventure which will take me way beyond anything I have ever thought of, wished for or even imagined myself doing at all, at any time of my life.
I am joining my husband on Sørlandetthe Norwegian Fullrigger which is sailing for Class Afloat his year. I will board the vessel in Cagliari, Sardinia and continue the journey from there as a volunteer cook's mate until we reach Trinidad and Tobago and return home just before Christmas.

During the days when I was trying to make the final decision whether to go on this my personal Amazing Race, I went for a walk along the beach at my mother's house, watching the waves, feeling the force of nature, embracing the smell and the wind of the ocean.

It was wild and wonderful down there on the beach and both the dog and I pulled the whirls of wind into our nostrils and ears. The dog perhaps enjoying it little less than me the human.

She didn't like it when I had to stop to think or take another few photos. Her perfect beach walk means keep on moving, away or towards home doesn't matter as long as we keep on moving.
I am intrigued by how quiet rocks and shells can seem in a photo in comparison to the wildness of the waves running over the rocks.

And then there is this, which is ........? Perhaps a clay weight for a fishing net washed up upon the beached seaweed. Whatever it was it caught my eye and looked deliciously beautiful in my wind watering eyes.

I am not sure exactly how much weaving I will accomplish on this trip other than in my head and in my notebooks but I already feel the gentle tugs of inspiration pulling at my sleeve.

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  1. Oh, the inspiration you are gathering and will gather as you travel this adventure. Wonderful opportunity to expand your horizons!

  2. Yeah, but at times it feels like I need to get wide-angle glasses with all this new horizon, what do you think?

  3. Pia, I am very much looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! An amazing opportunity for such an amazing woman!!! :)