Monday, November 8, 2010

Brave fishermen in tiny boats

Next stop was part of the port, where smaller fishermen and their boats hang out. My first reaction was to smile, there were so many small motorbikes or scooters lined up along the road. This is the preferred mode of transportation for these hard workers.
 The boats are not very big, probably weighing in at a  little over 1000lbs (please don't quote me on that) the men working these boats use long lining to catch their fish, and they go out three men to a boat for 3-4 days in a row,  and no there are no women doing this this is a man's world.
 This is where they land all the fish they catch, set bait on the next line of hooks and get ready for another bunch of days off shore.
Young mackerel, there were also boxes of sardines and fish heads and guts from a for me unknown kind of fish. It was all very interesting and stirred many thoughts in my head.
And here we are out on the little almost submerged pier, in the back ground three words which light up the hill side at night. The top word God, lower left, King and lower right, Country. The Moroccans love their king, he keeps their country of many different ethnic groups in one piece by being the top ruler of all.

When we got back ashore from this pier our guide had found a place where they were selling pieces of cooked fish and he had secured a taste for each of us, it was very fresh, very warm and very tasty indeed.

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