Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ceramics I

Next stop was a ceramics place where we could see some of the producion. In the yard behind the store they produced the clay. That is, they brought in a very dry clay from the Atlas Mountains near by and this man mixes it with water until it has the exact right consistency.

Square platters drying in the sun. Many square platters indeed, they were probably 6x6 inches is size.

Her is the kiln, which will hold about  800 pieces when full. since it was empty we got to go inside.

Looking down on my toes I can see the space underneath the firing room where the fire is lit which heats up the ceramics to the desired temperature.

It takes about a day to get there, a day of firing and then a day for cooling.

Chimney holes in the ceiling, looking up.
This is quite a large production spot, the first one of its kind near to Agadir.

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