Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ceramics II

In the workshop when the pieces have dried for a few days they get straightened and cleaned up and made ready for the first firing.

And here is a whole whack of little tajins, a traditional cooking vessel. These are of course for tourists, intended for salt and pepper vessels, not for cooking big meals for large families.

Finished pots outside the 'factory', I love the shape and colour of these pieces.

And inside gigantic decorative vases/pots, reaching to m chest. Very impressive, but one sure needs a very large house (possibly with no looms) to have room for these pieces.


  1. Wow! The decoration of these large vessels looks very tedious. These potters must be very patient people. :)
    Thanks for the ceramic posts!

  2. Lovely ceramics and interesting posts about them. Thanks Pia!