Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Men Only Fishing Village, final stop of the day.

Sometimes you come to especially beautiful and interesting places. Our last stop of the day was exactly that. Bathed in evening sun it was ......... beautiful......... peaceful ............. a very thankful way of ending a fabulous day.

Our guide took us to a small fishing village, inhabited only by men, fisher men, who many of them (according to our guide) were having a hard time fitting into normal society.

Some of them might have a second home away from this village but this is where they prefer to go and work, fish and do a lot of their lives and then when they can go home weekly or monthly and share their earnings with their families.
 The boats they take out on the water to catch their fish, small wall nut shell like vessels which I for one would not feel especially comfortable in should any kind of weather change occur, and I am quite confident they don't only go out when the water is calm as a mirror.
Baby camel tracks in the sand, saw no sign of the actual animal, but tracks, yes we saw tracks.
Shells turning into sand, slowly but surely over time, looking down and seeing the shapes and nuances of colour was delightfully beautiful.
Perhaps a mother camel track, at least it was two or three times as big as the little ones. Philosophically I suppose it could have been a dad or an aunt or uncle, but...... what came to mind first was: mother and child!
There is a man out there on the rocks, helping the eye measure how tall these jumping waves really were.
And then as we headed back for the car the sun was going down. The guide trotted away in front of us and asked us to enjoy the view and give him a few minutes so he could do his sun down prayer. And we obliged, feeling the peace and beauty penetrate our skin and thoughts, it was an indescribably awesome day.

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