Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Towards the Waterreservoir

After the venture into the ceramics factory we continued south for a while and then turned left off the main road. This road was not quite as smooth or wide as where we had just travelled but it was paved adn there were houses along the way.
A traditional house, not too many of these are being built anymore
And then there were argan trees, and shrubbery and cacti, growing out of very fertile and very arid soil. The sun was hot and I was thankful to have both my hat and the luxury of traveling in a car  where I could roll down the window at my leisure.
Keeping my window rolled down not only gave me wind in my hair but also the opportunity to click my camera every time an interesting scene rolled by. This is a nomad's home, they travel around with their animals, sheep, goats, and their wealth is in their flock.
 We didn't stop to talk to them and take photos up close, our driver mentioned that they were not liking to have their privacy intruded upon. This was fine with us, neither do we =-) We just enjoyed spotting a lonesome shepherd, and sometimes seeing their land rovers come driving across the land providing aformentioned shepherd with food and water in the hot sun.
More houses, another little village which we drove past, only a dirt track leading to the houses. The magnificent Atlas Mountains in the back ground, this is where we were headed, one of the smaller bumps at the front of the mountain range in front of us that is.


  1. there are many fossils that come from the Atlas Mountains....don't forget to look down when you're walking!

  2. oh, I wish I had looked down, see being ignorant does not serve one well, there were places with many fossils for sale but I never bought one of those, figuring it was like in the zoo where you can also get fossils, you know, in copenhagen, toronto, berlin etc. But now I know, since I am in Dakar right now I guess I won't go back to the Atlas Mountains, but perhaps some day if we do a return trip, perhaps then we can go on a fossil hunt.