Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I saw at this sea stretch!

 This piece was written a little over a week ago, before we got connected to the internet again, today I have a full day off and I have an internet stick with many hours on it so.... I have time and energy to share thoughts .... and experiences of 'times gone by' - it is really funny, for it seems so long ago and far away already. And far away it is, but long ago??? not really.

We have now been underway from Agadir for quite a few days, tomorrow we arrive in Dakar, Senegal, just after breakfast if all goes well.
On this trip from Agadir along the coast down south towards Senegal I have been able to cross out many items on my wish list for magnificent experiences in life.
I have seen gannet, lots of gannets close to and far from the ship. I have seen young ones and mature ones. I saw one young one way too upclose for comfort. I felt its warm body as it had just been caught on a fishing hook on a line we tow after the ship every now and again to catch a fish or two for a special treat.
This was a young and inexperienced gannet and alas he/she paid with his/her life for the curiosity which drives every youngster to try out new and interesting things, especially if it looks like it might taste good.
The young bird was sent back into the sea and although it was a good learning experience for the young people hauling the bird in I must admit that I felt rather sad at the whole situation.
There were also jaegers and skuars, skimming along the surface of the water. By the large amounts of birds in the area there must have been a whole lot of delicious sardines around, wonder if they were au natural or in tomato sauce???
There were also schools of blue finned tuna racing along the ship playing in the pressure wave the ship pushes in front of her as we move forward be it by sail or motoring along when the wind is down.
Yesterday I saw 4 flying fish skimming along. They looked exactly like birds with very rapid wing beats. It was hard to believe how far they could actually fly before they disappeared back into the waves. The wing/fin beats so fast they were like the blurry wings of a passing hummingbird.
This unfortunate flying fish should have taken better notes in navigation class, first it landed on our deck and then..... after a photo session with Soren it landed in the freezer, perhaps we will eat it one day, perhaps just look closer at it.
Today the bluefinned Tuna was back, then there was a sun fish basking in the surface of the sunshine filled ocean not too far from the boat, perhaps there were too, all I noticed was the fins sticking up and disappearing at lazy intervals.
At one point a call went out on the ship that a leather turtle was swimming by and I missed it so I wasnot a happy camper.
Later though my mood improved considerably when I spent a little while at the bow of the ship watching a very active flock of dolphins play around us. Such beauty, speed and sleekness. I hope to find time to enjoy this many more times to come on this trip.
A student told me that the dolphins we were enjoying were either Spotted Dolphins or Spinners, he wasn't sure which. I did of course not have my camera with me during these breathtaking moments, that is until this afternoon when the dolphins did me the honour of staying around even while I raced into my cabin to get my camera.
Then I did take lots of photos which were not all in focus and even tried out the filming button. I don't think I will be known as the next Jacques Cousteau though however much I wanted to experience life in and on the sea as a kid as I watched his tv programmes faithfully every week back in Denmark. A very tasty tid bit of a minute part of it is for me to take part in these days though.
Oh, I forgot to mention the humpback whale which breached far out and whose breaths we could see often again and again as we were each moving along our own paths.
All photos involving anything flying in this blog are by Soren .

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