Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tapestry weaving in Cape Breton Chapter 2

Well, I made it to Sydney where I met up with my friend Chris at the McConnell Library in Sydney, Cape Breton and our mutual friend Janet Dawson.
Both Janet and Chris are weavers and spinners and they had been kind enough to  organize a flock of students who wanted to do a tapestry weaving workshop. Donna was gracious enough to let us use her family rec room and ....... it was fun.

Donna weaving away on her sampler, probably just after lunch, things take time!

We only had one day = 6 1/2 hours, less 30 mins for eating lunch and a few short stretch and walk about breaks as they were needed during the day.

I had brought a copper frame loom for each of the 10 students and the weaving started almost immediately - always so encouraging when participating students cannot wait to get working  =-)

Focus was all around the tables, some chatting but not a lot, mostly ........ thinking about the colours and working on the techniques.

Tapestry weaving is a very intense lovely and challenging skill to learn and then to have and enjoy as a creative, emotional and exciting outlet,  on a daily basis (if you are lucky)  in your life.
And if tapestry weaving every day is not an option, then to be enjoyed as often as possible, with good music in the background, a cup of warm liquid of your favorite kind and a block of time, dedicated just to move your warp strings around and getting the weft just as you like it.

..... it seems to me everyone must have been pretty tired when they went home at 4pm, I know I was - a day of intense thinking and forging new paths of passion.

Thank you, Janet for bringing your camera and taking photos as we were working along.