Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Morning blessings and YouTube!

It is Tuesday morning, the porridge is cooling and ..... I have just come in from trying to sort out the missing electricity in the sheep and horses' fence.
Alas I didn't find it, but I did get most of the fence moved a little bit and after my husband had been out for 10 mins he found it ...... in a place I would never have thought of looking at all, so now the power is full on.
It must by the way have been some ancient sheep tribe which first coined the sentence ' the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence' for I tell you, my ladies and their off spring have the greenest pasture this year, full, lush, delicious and still, when I walk along the fence to check, there they all are hiking with me talking and asking when I will make a hole in that blasted fence so they can try the other greens, no those ones in the far corner of the bigger pen.
This morning I had a raven family of six sitting on the old sleigh which Soren built for Queenie the horse, when she was still around to pull it and show her enormous powers. The sleigh is sitting close to the two compost bins in the yard and seems to bring great joy to the ravens. The young ones behave like all young ones squarking and flapping wings and playfully showing their empty beaks to their mom and dad, eternally hungry and so full of it!

And the next thing, which is quite a jump from the outside to the inside is a few viking links to youtube. This first one is about 30 mins and features the Norwegian archeologists who dug out the L'Anse aux Meadows site in Newfoundland in the sixties


The next one is a walk about in the vikinghouse and a tourist interview with 'the navigator' who by the way is still working there, I saw him  earlier when I was up to hang the curtains.

and last but not least a little music is never out of the way

Finally let me announce that I picked strawberries, albeit wet strawberries in the garden as I came back in from the fence explorations. I got a whole big handful and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Yummy, I love summer!

Have a grand week everyone - I will stay   twisted today and warped for the rest of the week!