Saturday, July 3, 2010

Celebratory cake

And I figured it out or rather Soren did and now I can blog with photos from my iPad fabulous !
Have a grand weekend everyone , stay hydrated and cool!

Learning - again!

And so I got a new gizmo for my birthday the other week. It was a complete surprise, since I had debated back a and forth with myself and my generous giftgiving life partner. I didn't think that I rezally needed this gizmo after all, I figured I would have more fun doing another weaving class or fibre class while in Denmark.

But my partner was of a different opinion - he was asking for birthday wishes and I insisted that really I didn't have any so would he please surprise me?

So on my birthday on the table next to the plate which was waiting for the Eggs Florentine which my daughter and her partner was preparing for me was a box with this fabulous iPad

I have to figure out how to use it optimally at the same time I am preparing the last tapestry for the exhibits in DK. I am getting closer with the weaving part not so much so with mastering the iPad am deliberately choosing to ignore it's existence until I have finished the weaving.

And that happened 2 days ago, the weaving is done, another hour of getting it ready for hanging is needed but then ... It will be so ready to hang at the gallery In Copenhagen 

We are leaving in 26 days opening the first 4 day show at Basal Elin Galleri on August 5!

So many things to learn on the iPad still for instance, how to post a pic on my blog - but I will figure it out!

This however will have to wait until another time, now it is time to post!