Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Red Tapestry

The colours of the rainbow is what tickles me pink every day. Especially RED can make my heart sing so when we decided to do the Exchange/Udveksling show with SEVEN I saw the opportunity to exchange and explore some of the colours and the textures surrounding me right here on the farm. Some years ago we painted the house red with blue trim, the barn green with red trim and the shed blue with green trim. We are surrounded by our very own rainbow every day. This last tapestry which came off the loom the other week has all the red in it my heart could ever desire - and the reds came about through kilometers of plying single wools and silks together and then watching the hue and colour in each skein as they took up the dye in the dye bath - to get a better grip on the actual vision which had been humming around in my head I did this watercolour painting to help me stay focused and not forget where I was going.