Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Fuzziness of a Summer Saturday morning

This morning puppy Freia and I went for a walk, how could we not, when she asked me so sweetly to do so.
I held her leash in one hand and my new camera ready to shoot in the other hand. These little dudes grow all the way at the very edge of the ashfalt all the way down the road and all summer long their fuzzballines makes a person want to roll in them and feel the softness

We were on the hunt for......... each our preferences of texture for the eye and interest for the nose.

Then there were these textures, which I hadn't really noticed at first. The dog discovered a broken egg at the side of the road and .... then when I looked around to see where it could possibly have come from I saw the answer, about 10 meters away out towards the water on the salt grass, a nest from some duck or perhaps one of the geese living across the street. It looked abandoned and very vulnerable right there in the open.

My neighbour's very soft and inviting happy summer sheep, enjoying the freedom of plentiful pasture.

Next thing I saw was ..... a troll, a goddess, another beautiful face from Mother Nature. Cattails are such interesting plants, when their 'seedpod' explodes you never know what it will look like. And before they explode, they are smoothe, cool and collected, a perfect example of 'correctness'.

Many years ago a friend of mine wrote an article about the haptic sense, the sense which allows us to know (approximately) what something we are looking at will feel like. It isn't always giving us the right answer and surprise can be plentiful when you actually do touch something, and it is completely different from the initial expectation in your brain and fingertips.

Like when you have the opportunity to hold or touch a snake, that is a surprise.
What was alway interesting to see was how people at markets or fairs were immediately attracted to even 1 quiviut scarf in my exhibited woven pieces of many different kinds, if there was one quiviut amongst them.... it would be the first touched an the most touched.

How come two such pink beauties both can be so prickly - how come pink is so associated with sweetness and cuteness when..... in actual fact there are so many pointy parts to at least these plants!

Some Queen Anne's Lace, I often wonder what it would be like to be an elf and wander about on top of them.
This flower also reminds me of hollunderbeeren - hyldebærblomster - and their sweet smell and taste, for invigorating cooling summer drinks and warm winter comfort in snowstorms. The english name is right behind and will get here I hope before the blog is done.

It reminds me of Elderberry blossoms, there it was -  the name =-)

Then there was a corn field with enticing textures. The little cool silky tufts sticking up out of the developing corn cobs, the flowering tops and all the beautiful greeness promising an abundance of yellowness, the ripe grains of the corn and the butter we must lather on the steaming hot cobs when we enjoy them in just a little while during joyful summer get-togethers or easy evening meals.

As a final note on this post I have to say, I am so happy that everything is almost ready for the big trip starting up on this coming Thursday, I could walk the walk with peace in my inner core this morning, enjoy the sun, the dog, the camera, the textures without being haunted about thoughts of what I ought to have been doing instead.
Copenhagen here I come, oh, I should say, Copenhagen and Kerteminde here we come!