Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fernisering and Opening night in Trepkasgade, Copenhagen

Fourty eight hours ago we were cleaning up at the gallery after the many happy guests who had chosen to come and join us at this event had left us.

The following is perhaps not so much great litterature to read as it will hopefully be eye candy so you can see with your own eyes how delightful, fun and busy evening we had on Thursday night, August 5, 2010.

The window is decorated, examples of what our visitors can expect to feast their eyes upon when they enter the door to the magic wonderland of
Seven - a Group of Six Visual Artists and one Poet
and their take on the words: Exchange/Udveksling

The flags are up and festively waving at people walking, bicycling or driving by, gently inviting them to come and join us for a celebration of the initial exhibit of our big adventure.

We have worked on putting our best foot forward for quite a while and are hoping that we will succeed.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 6pm when the guests will start to arrive.

The first guests to arrive a little early, quite a blessing since we had someone to practise welcoming salutes and art explanations on.t

And as the rooms started to fill up with smiling guests, there were flowers and bottles of wine being places in our surprised and very thankful arms.

Greetings and initial looking over the art work which had grand wall space upon which to shine.

Conversations and thoughts about the pieces, I do believe the thoughtfull looks in this photo comes from checking out three of Deborah's cows peacefully hanging alongside each other on the wall.

Discussing prices on pieces, for after the show has finished its tour in Denmark and has returned to Canada, anyone who has fallen in love with one or several of the pieces can choose to purchase it/them and have it/them shipped back to Denmark.

Business and talk time in the middle room by the sink where more flowers were being put into vases and by the table where chips and grapes, fluid and chewy ones were being thoroughly enjoyed as well as the beautiful eye candy pieces from Angela Melanson, which received many admiring glances and looks, not to mention many words of high praise.

And here we are at the end of the evening, all guests have gone home and we are feeling rather tired but also very, very happy and thankful that so many people turned up, so many questions were asked and so many conversations about art, creative expression and its necessity for a happy life had taken place.

It has taken us a few days to post this, phew, for the next morning we were a little tired since ...we were invited out for a beer after closing and didn't get any shut-eye until 02am the next morning, for me at least an amazing feat to last that long before collapsing.

Cheers, Pia

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