Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Souk - or one of them in Agadir,

We went to the market in a taxi, the driver showed us the ropes so to speak, which of course is appropriate for a bunch of people trying to be sailors, well, one of us was a sailor in our group of four on this day, the rest of us were wannabes. And in we went, with eyes as large as the round tower in Copenhagen.

Bananas galore, fresh from the tree, they looked delicious.

Then there were all the other delicacies, and me in the middle.

We entered a small spice shop, perhaps also medicinal herbs as far as if could see. We were invited to share a cup of tea with the owner

Before we left we of course did buy, some of the magnificent herbal tea and today Soren purchased a little teapot of the right kind, so we can drink this tea probably on board the ship and at home eventually.

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Getting closer to Agadir and this is where it is really cooking!

One large convection oven with room for many, many trays of food to bake, roast or just stay warm. Convection ovens are quite a blessing I have discovered.

Onions, onions, onions, it is amazing how may onions can be eaten when there are close to Seventy people to feed three times a day.

Two big sinks and a bit of counter to cook on, this is a tight space, but we manage.

Getting closer to Agadir in Morocco. My balance is getting better and the ocean is incredibly beautiful, even if can be a challenge sometimes.

And perhaps this gives an idea, I was not tilting the camera for effect, it happened all by itself.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

rock of Gibraltar

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Sunsets in the Mediteranian

One night

And two from another night, it was spectacular, I felt my weaving brain stirring.

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Sailing from Cagliari, Sardinia.

Leaving Sardinia, it is hazy but the island looked lovely as we motored past it, mountainous and mysterious.

Crew getting things done which need to be done!

Soren getting things done which need to be done = dishes, lots of dishes, they multiply when you turn your back.

Students doing what needs to be done, chocolate treats are at times a must!

A moment of peace and no engine and everyone just about had a swim in the middle of the Mediteranian.

Ready for rescuing happy swimmers!

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