Monday, January 9, 2012

Adventures under the bathroom sink!

Cleaning is not my favorite occupation - I admit it - and then ..... when I don't clean for a while (I do start before the place starts to smell really badly) there can be surprises - battles of life and death which show them selves to the observant vacuum cleaner handler.
And on this day when I bend down to make sure that there were no dropped earrings in the cracks and corners before I turned on the little blue beast I got to ....stop everything and observe, just for a while.
The spider really wasn't all that big. However his long stripy Pippi Longstocking Legs were definitely an assert so he could get his supper/afternoon snack under control.
The beetle was still somewhat alive, I imagine that the spider had given him/her 'the kiss of death' before proceeding to get this delicious meal hung - as any good butcher would.
I do believe it took about 20 mins or so, perhaps 30 before the situation was completely under control. This was a very focused spider. A focused spider with excellent spinning warts. Exactly how his hoisting apparatus worked I am not sure, but he kept doing what he was doing with no hesitation and so ...... the drama continued.
There were protests of course, not of the kind that I could hear, but my eyes observed the twitching of limbs and efforts to run away on only the two front limbs.

Eventually the beetle became still, lulled into sleep, gone to the eternal beetle hunting grounds and the spider - kept busy securing his meal ticket - the size of which should secure warding off hunger for a few days.
And all the while I have been writing and looking at these photos I have had this tune in my head
"Won't you come into my corner - said the spider to the fly ......." and the rest of the words elude me but the tune is fabulous and makes me smile.
It is of course a slightly morbid subject, but in my daily observances of life, it happens all around us all the time.
This particular day I was lucky enough to have the batteries charged in the camera and it was an excellent excuse to ....... pack the vacuum cleaner back into its hiding place. It would have been really cruel to remove spider and newly caught dinner before a party could have been had.
I left them and they were gone, well the hard indigestible bits were still there, when next time I fell under the unfortunate spell making me want to waltz with the vacuum cleaner.


  1. I love the way you see things Pia and how you interpret them.

  2. Hi Maxine, thanks, having a twisted and warped brain is not always easy but it is often FUN!