Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2012 - welcome New Year!

It is January, the beginning of a New Year, the year of 2012 and ..... there are things out there lining up already and I feel thankful and privileged that I can still lead the life I do - weaving, spinning, walking the dog, cooking good meals, making tapestries, hanging with my husband, and walking the dog in our woods and the general area where we live. Always a pleasure always an eye opener and an opportunity for thinking or watching something new.

 And on this grey day there was colour galore around me, when I focused and took some good closeup looks around.

Purple and green, so beautiful together.

 And Orange fungi, peeking through the new light snowflakes which had been falling most of the morning.

Wishing the world a peaceful and productive year, looking forward to writing, thinking, photographing and weaving along with everyone,
cheers, Pia


  1. Best wishes to you and yours,

  2. Thank you Laura, and to you too, I thought I had put a response in, but apparently not. May your energy and spunk return, well, I suppose the spunk might have not left you at all. Happy weaving and creating to you too, may your 2012 be full of smiles and sunny mornings.