Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spinning at the Loop

The sun is shining today as is my spirit.  I have a date at The Loop on Barrington Street in Halifax for Sunday March 18th to teach hand spindling again. It is always a lovely time, with up to 8 participants, goodly amounts of fibre and interesting new spindles for everyone.
 What it means for me right at this moment in time is, that sometime next week I will begin to choose pieces of wood and think about the spindles I want to go to the barn and turn on the lathe, so they will be ready for this event and also......
 I need to start washing fleeces soon, so they can be dyed and ready for the month of March. There are other workshops at the Loop, where dyed fibre is a necessity during that time, so I had better keep them well stocked for all sorts of texture and colour possibilities. 
I am glad that I get to do this class again and hope that anyone interested in this rather twisted topic, and of course who lives at a reasonable driving distance will come and join me for three devine hours of finding the yarn/thread in your own hands/life.

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