Friday, February 24, 2012

Going Green!

Green, green, green - a beautiful life confirming, affirming, delightfully succulent colour!

I love green, on trees, in the garden, tasty spreads of sheep pasture but......

I don't know what to do with green, how to work with it, how to make it sing - and go ping -  how to make it vibrate the way a red can vibrate when I put it next to ...... whatever my whim dictates in that instance.

Next month I am teaching/facilitating a needle felting art project at a local middle school. And so I went through my stash two days ago to figure out what was available already and what needed to be dyed so the kids will have an ample amount of enticing colours to do their community art project with.  More about this project later.

For now I will tell you that ... as any good horder I found ....... something green, which initially thrilled me because it was a beautiful pile of many shades of beautiful green, couldn't really ask for too much more in that department.
However, I touched the softness of the fibres and voila I was off in spinning heaven. The locks were soft and open, not needing too much teasing and no carding at all to go on the spool on the Colbeck Spinning wheel. I was trying to talk myself out of it. With not much success I have to admit.
The  thing is, a dear friend of mine had given me four x 50grs of silk for christmas, 200 grs of silk, two in green hues and a blue and a red one. The silk came from her mother's stash. As it happens, Jali passed away a couple of years ago and her daughter was gifting me a few little tidbits from her beloved mother's treasure box.
The green/yellow/blue silk and the green wool from my stash seemed to me to swing just fine, and so I started to spin. One can spin for many hours - I at least take a pile of time when the yarn is fairly fine, not cob web mind you, but, not on the heavy side at all. 1 strand of wool and one strand of silk. 
In the end I only finished spinning about half a spool of silk (as opposed to the 3 spools of wool that were already done. I couldn't wait. I needed to know if ..... what I saw in my head would really work, if the two strands would embrace each other and fall in love.
Phew, in my eyes it seems they did, so I can continue spinning - the half spool of silk had about 200 meters on it and so my first little 'sample' skein is 200 meters. Which means I have another 6-800 meters of silk to spin on top of the wool (app. 1000 meters = 1km) which is already done. I love spinning - good thing now, isn't it =-)

ps time will tell how it all looks when it gets woven up, but I am hoping for beautiful. 

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