Monday, February 20, 2012

Vandana Shiva - in my 'back yard'

There are so many issues in our world today - sounds like - a dry talk on a boring subject. But I want to say that I am so excited, for this coming Friday in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, we will have the honour of hosting a fabulously outspoken, stubborn, brave, ingenious and inspiring woman.
Vandana Shiva, a modern seed warrior, is spending a good deal of the day in Wolfville, she will visit the Wolfville Farmers' Market, which I used to have a booth at for many years and have seen grow like 'a weed' - Vandana Shiva will partake in a fundraising dinner at a local restaurant and finally she will give a talk at Horton High School.  I will be at the market in the afternoon and I will be at the talk in the evening - this as I see it is a once in a life time opportunity - when would we ever be able to meet a 'film star', a seed activist of this caliber, who as far as I know inspires many, many of the organic seed producers we have here in this province.

This event is a sign to me that we are thinking in the right direction - we are on the move, when we take a stand when it comes to clean food, clean seed (non-GMO), clean soil, clean water etc, our opinions matter. When we have the strength to keep the pressure up it will provoke a change in the end - makes me think of the occupy movement, and when the temps will be ok for them to come out and set up camp again without risking getting too much frost bite. I will welcome them.

It makes me think back to the early days in this house, when there was a garden as  big as ..... well I want to write half an acre, but I know my husband would come home and say - ah, your math skills are great when you weave, but I think you have to recalculate this....... so what I will say is that the first year we had a garden here I had 24 different kinds of tomatoes (From Salt Spring Seed in BC) 17 different kinds of beans and peas and .... it was a lot of work, and we did a lot of weeding and picking and eating. When my kids were nowhere to be found a search party would go to either the peas or the strawberries and ........ there they were, in no hurry for neither lunch nor supper.

These days I no longer grow a large garden, hm, sometimes I try to grow stuff in the green house but.... I do get distracted by the looms and the other fluffy creations which I do and so instead I go every week to the Wolfville Farmers' Market to purchase a weeks supply of local, mostly organic (and if not certified, then no-spray) produce of many kinds. It is a pleasure  to walk out of there with bags full, return home, stuff the fridge and then, eat to our hearts content for the week until we get to go again 7 days later.

And at home I ...... spin, weave, dye, walk the dog, plan the next meal, think, meditate, watch the ewes lambing and feel grateful for my rich, eventful, peaceful life and the people in it.

Have a great one!

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